Japanese Castle Game Complete Records (2 volumes)

Japanese Castle Game Complete Records
Title: Japanese Castle Game Complete Records (2 volumes)
Author/Editor: Segoe Kensaku 濑越宪作
Publisher: Chengdu Shidai Publishing 成都时代出版社
Published: 2011 Feb (print run of 800)
ISBN: 978-7-5464-0230-7
Format: Hardcover
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB520 for the set

This is a Chinese version of the Castle Game Records. There are probably many people who would love to have a physical paper set of these game records to play out and study on their own go boards, but to purchase the original Japanese editions would be a bit too expensive for most go enthusiasts. Now the much more affordable Chinese edition will allow many more people to enjoy these game records. Although the book are printed as being published in February 2011, the actual copies have only been available since mid to late April. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a copy for your own go library.


I have recently received a list or errata for these volumes from one of my Chinese book sources. This list is over 10 pages long and I have scanned the content for my readers who may have bought the book and did not know about the errata booklet.
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2 Responses to Japanese Castle Game Complete Records (2 volumes)

  1. What’s the price of these volumes?

    Are these available at any online retailer?


  2. tchan001 says:

    Publisher Recommended Price is shown in the blog entry already. Dangdang seems to have copies of this book at the moment.

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