Three Stone Handicap Manual

Three Stone Handicap Manual-01
Title: Three Stone Handicap Manual 受三子谱
Publisher:Sichuan Go Art Publishing (蜀蓉棋艺出版社)
Published:1989 April
Format: Softcover
Publisher recommended price:RMB1.5
1. Big Corner Diagram 44 Variations 大角图 共计44变
2. Da Ya Liang 50 Variations 大压梁 共计50变
3. Drooping Lotus 60 Variations 倒垂莲 共计60变
4. Low Large Knight Approach (7-3 point) 50 Variations 七三起手 共计50变
5. Three Stone Handicap Games (five game records) 受三子 共计5谱

The original ancient text for the various analysis were only with words and no diagrams. A single word was used for the positions in each of the 361 points on the board. Thus this secret manual could keep the knowledge safe from those who do not know the code. I have reproduced the diagram from a collection which has the photocopies of the pages of the original book. You can clearly see how each word corresponds with a unique position on the board and how a starting diagram followed by a sequence could be formed from a string of such words.
Three Stone Handicap Manual-02

The 1989 version shown here has been completed with diagrams of the initial position and subsequent moves. This is a modern version to show modern readers how the plays actually went. This version is now out of print.

There is a newer modern version which came out recently published by
Chengdu Shidai Publishing 成都时代出版社
ISBN 9787546401980
Publisher Recommended Price is RMB12

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