Basic Life and Death Dictionary

Basic Life and Death Dictionary.jpg
Title: Basic Life and Death Dictionary
Author/Editor: Eba Hiroki 江場弘樹
Publisher: 理藝
Published: 2000
ISBN: 957-9544-56-5
Format: hardcover
Publisher Recommended Price: NTD250

Introduction – Six Dies Eight Lives 六死八活
Ch 1 (Main Kinds of) Life and Death in the Corner 角之死活
Ch 2 Other Kinds of Life and Death in the Corner 其他之角隅死活
Ch 3 Life and Death on the Sides 邊上的死活

Eba Hiroki is an amateur who wrote this dictionary in 1992. When Takemiya Masaki was asked to write a preface for this life and death dictionary, he was surprised that such a high quality work was written not by a pro. Takemiya concludes his preface by endorsing this book as a good book for everyone to have in their collection.

Currently the Japanese versions and the Mainland Chinese versions are out of print, but this Taiwanese edition may still be available at some of the larger online Taiwanese bookstores.

You can also view the online Japanese edition at

This dictionary was originally published by Seibundo Shinkosha in their go dictionary series.
See Seibundo Shinkosha Dictionaries section of SL Dictionaries page

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