Kokugi Kankou

Kokugi Kankou
Title: (Ishidate Tekigo) Kokugi Kankou 
Author: Honinbo Jowa 本因坊丈和
Published: 1826 文政9

Viewing the Highlights of the National Art (Openings and Games) by Honinbo Jowa. 
Volume 1 – 40 fuseki positions and 4 games 
Volume 2 – 25 games 
Volume 3 – 23 games 
Volume 4 – 22 games

Mainly a collection of games by Honinbo Jowa. This is considered a famous work but probably a lot of fuseki material is outdated. But quite interesting from a historical point of view.

You can also check the Waseda University online edition if you want to see more.

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1 Response to Kokugi Kankou

  1. Thank you for putting this online.
    I have a lot of old go books but cannot read their names.
    But thanks to these pictures, I just found out that I have a copy of volume 4 of the series.
    Kind regards.

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