Yi Chang-ho Cheerful Probing

Title: Yi Chang-ho Cheerful Probing
Author/Editor: Yi Chang-ho 李昌鎬
Publisher: 理藝
Published: 2004
ISBN: 9867518349
Format: softcover
Publisher Recommended Price: NTD270

Part 1 Probing during Brilliant Games 精采對局中的試應手 (30 Patterns)
Part 2 Probing during Swift and Fierce Attacks 凌厲攻擊中的試應手 (8 Patterns)
Part 3 Probing during Thrilling Invasions 驚險打入中的試應手 (5 Patterns)
Part 4 Probing during Sabaki Fighting 騰挪作戰中的試應手 (20 Patterns)
Part 5 Probing during the Creation of Ko Threats 製造劫材的試應手 (2 Patterns)
Part 6 Probing during Endgames 官子的試應手 (3 Patterns)

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