Weiqi Retention Battle Techniques and Applications

Title: Weiqi Retention Battle Techniques and Applications
Author/Editor: Ma Zizheng 马自正
Publisher: Anhui Science & Technology Publishing House 安徽科学技术出版社
Published: 2001
Format: softcover
ISBN: 9787533722333
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB12

Part 1 Regarding Retention in Life and Death 关于死活的保留
Part 2 Regarding Retention in Tesuji 关于手筋的保留
Part 3 Regarding Retention in Reducing Liberties 关于紧气的保留
Part 4 Regarding Retention in Joseki 关于定式的保留
Part 5 Retention in Fuseki 布局中的保留
Part 6 Retention in Middle Game 中盘中的保留
Part 7 Retention in Endgame Plays 收官中的保留
Retention is basically about how to leave a local position as it is and waiting to see how the situation around it develops before playing.

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