Report from the Next Generation

Title: Report from the Next Generation
리포트 (차세대 기사)
Author/Editor: Golden Bell Baduk Research Society 골든벨바둑연구회, Kim Dae-jin 김대진
Publisher: Oromedia
Published: 2009
Format: softcover
ISBN: 9788990079862
Publisher Recommended Price: KRW10000

Back in 1999-2000 there was a set of three famous Korean books called the “Report of Choong-am Research“. With detailed studies of innovative sequences in the opening and middlegame, this set contains the distillation of the then cutting-edge research by the members of a youthful Korean baduk study group. The books were very popular and the first two volumes were subsequently translated into Chinese and Japanese. But after an output of only three volumes, the group decided to keep all further studies private possibly to avoid showing more Korean innovations to eager international competitors.

The present book is in similar fashion the result of the group study effort of a new generation of successful young (mid-20’s) Korean baduk professionals. They bring us a new collection of 20 detailed discussions on various innovative ideas and thoughts on fuseki development which came about within the last few years.

[July 2012: Chinese translation now available.
Title: 公开的秘密武器:韩国新一代职业棋手研究课题集
ISBN: 9787805509013]

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