Profound Contemplations (3 books)

Series: Profound Contemplations (3 books)
Author/Editor: Hu Lei 胡磊, Hu Qi Feng 胡岐凤
Publisher: Heilongjiang Education Publishing 黑龙江教育出版社
Published: 2010
Format: softcover
ISBN: 9787531655350 (set)
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB105 for the set

Title: The Essentials of Fuseki布局的要领
The material covers popular modern fuseki from around 2004 to 2007. There are 26 sections on current fuseki covering areas such as the Mini-Chinese, the Kobayashi, and one of Lee Sedol’s beloved fuseki (same shape as Shape 8-A from the English book “21st Century Openings, Volume 2” by Kim Sung-rae).

Title: Middlegame Brawn
There are 26 sections covering material from professional games from around 2006 to 2009. The material covers areas such as how professionals plan out their fighting, how they coordinate local concerns with global outlook, how they choose the direction of play, and how they seize the initiative to control the situation.

Title: The Brilliant Use of Tesuji
There are 46 sections covering material from games from around 2006 to 2009. The material looks at how professionals and high level amateurs find and use unusual moves to defuse crisis and claim victory. It also tries to show how masters of the game develop sensitivity to potential tesuji in local situations.

Overall this set seems to be a good set of books which collects in book form some of the most current thoughts on fuseki, middlegame and tesuji.

The authors are siblings and the brother Hu Lei 胡磊 is a 2P who is currently an instructor at the Beijing Nie Weiping Weiqi Dojo 北京聂卫平围棋道场.

Currently, this set does not seem to be available at or Dangdang yet. The only place readily available at present seems to be here on taobao.

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