Go Sighting #20: Island Mulberry Go Bowls with Fujisawa Calligraphy

Grown and harvested under harsh conditions from the volcanic Mikura Island in Japan, island mulberry is considered the finest wood for making go bowls. With it’s beautiful hue and glistening reflection, island mulberry go bowls are highly prized by go equipment connoisseurs.

The present go bowls is not only made from this rare wood, but is also paired with a fine paulownia outer box with calligraphy by the late Fujisawa Hideyuki. Fujisawa is renowned for his calligraphy and this go bowl set was originally bought by the seller from one of Fujisawa’s exhibitions held at the Matsuya Ginza department store in Tokyo a few years ago. The calligraphy says 磊磊 which translates to “openhearted; unaffected; free and easy”. This is probably the attitude Fujisawa thinks one should have when playing the game of go.

The extra large go bowls are approximately 11.0cm high and 15.2cm in diameter.

For more info on island mulberry go bowls:

For more info on Fujisawa Hideyuki:

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2 Responses to Go Sighting #20: Island Mulberry Go Bowls with Fujisawa Calligraphy

  1. imabuddha says:

    Wow, a very nice set of bowls & a most unique box.

  2. Robert E Stoller says:

    Dear Mr. T Chan
    Your “Go Sightings” pages are magnificent!
    Thank you very much for posting this growing library of spectacular images. This site is a worthy companion to Kuroki Goishi Ten’s Gallery of Wonderful Goods.
    Very truly yours,
    Robert E. Stoller
    Anchorage, Alaska

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