Kinensha Tsumego 120 Problems Series (10 books)

Series: Kinensha Tsumego 120 Problems Series (10 books)
Publisher: Kinensha 金園社
Published: 1960’s-1970’s
Format: softcover
Publisher Recommended Price: JPY300 each

Title: Kato Tsumego 120 Problems
Author/Editor: Kato Masao 加藤正夫

Title: Fujisawa Tsumego 120 Problems
Author/Editor: Fujisawa Hideyuki 藤沢秀行

Title: Kajiwara Tsumego 120 Problems
Author/Editor: Kajiwara Takeo 梶原武雄

Title: Kano Tsumego 120 Problems
Author/Editor: Kano Yoshinori 加納嘉徳

Title: Hasegawa Tsumego 120 Problems
Author/Editor: Hasegawa Akira 長谷川章

Title: Kitani Tsumego 120 Problems
Author/Editor: Kitani Minoru 木谷実

Title: Sato Tsumego 120 Problems
Author/Editor: Sato Sunao 佐藤直男

Title: Takagawa Tsumego 120 Problems
Author/Editor: Takagawa Kaku 高川秀格

Title: Ohira Tsumego 120 Problems
Author/Editor: Ohira Shuzo 大平修三

Title: Kubouchi Tsumego 120 Problems
Author/Editor: Kubouchi Shuchi 窪内秀明

Content for each book:
Part 1: How to Think about Tsumego
Part 2: Basic Problems (60 Problems)
Part 3: Composed Problems (50 Problems)
Part 4: Real Game Situation Tsumego (10 Problems)

Apparently there were supposed to be 12 volumes of this series, but I have never encountered the remaining two volumes. There is a listing in the back of one of the older editions in this series which shows the remaining two authors as being Maeda Nobuaki 前田陳爾 and Yamabe Toshiro 山部俊郎. Wonder if they were ever published or if they were just planned but never completed.

These books are now difficult to find and usually expensive to obtain.

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