Weiqi High Level Dan Exercises Collection

Title: Weiqi High Level Dan Exercises Collection
Author/Editor: Yu Chang Min 余昌民, Liu Qian Sheng 刘乾胜
Publisher: Shan Xi People’s Publishing House 山西人民出版社
Published: 2006
Format: softcover
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB16
Part 1. Ghostly Moves 鬼手 (30 problems)
Part 2. Strange Tricks 怪招 (18 problems)
Part 3. Attack 攻击 (16 problems)
Part 4. Settling Weak Groups 治孤 (10 problems)
Part 5. Moyo 模样 (10 problems)
Part 6. Reduction 侵消 (10 problems)
Part 7. Invasion 打入 (10 problems)
Part 8. Sabaki 腾挪 (10 problems)
Part 9. Sacrifice 弃子 (10 problems)
Part 10. Life and Death 死活 (50 problems)
Appendix. Weiqi New Patterns Research 围棋新型研究 (4 patterns)

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