Joseki Dictionary (Japan Go Federation)

Title: Joseki Dictionary (2 volumes)
定石事典 全2冊
Author/Editor: Japan Go Federation 日本囲碁連盟発行
Publisher: Japan Go Federation 日本囲碁連盟発行
Published: unknown
ISBN: None
Format: two hardcover books in one slipcase
Publisher Recommended Price: JPY23000 (lumpsum) or JPY23760 (12 monthly installments of JPY1980)

Written by the Japan Go Federation (an amateur group) in collaboration with Takemiya Masaki 9P (武宮正樹), Kato Masao 9P (加藤正夫), and Onda Yasuhiko 8P (恩田烈彦), this two volume joseki dictionary is currently the “newest” of the various large-sized encyclopedic joseki dictionaries. Although there is no info in the book as to when it was published, there was a post in a Chinese forum which says it was published in 2000. The books took ten years to compile and the Japanese webpage marketing the set is copyrighted 2008, so perhaps the book could be as new as 2008. There are 9000+ diagrams in this set.

More info in Japanese can be found at:

John Fairbairn (in a discussion from the defunct forum) noted that:

You should be aware that the Japan Go Federation is an amateur group… the signs are that the presentation is more tailor made for amateurs simply because it is written by amateurs. Given that this approach includes listing, a la Robert [Jasiek] but minus the numbers, special points to note about each line and also (separately) the various weak points of the shapes, it may be that the content of the text is more important than in most joseki books.

[Robert Jasiek is the author of the English book, Joseki Vol. 1 Fundamentals]

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