Tsumego Dictionary (Segoe Kensaku)

Title: Tsumego Dictionary (Segoe Kensaku)
詰碁辞典 (瀬越憲作)
Author/Editor: Segoe Kensaku 瀬越憲作
Publisher: Segoe Go Propogation Society 瀬越囲碁普及会
Published: 1954
Format: softcover
Content: 1000 problems in 30 categories

6th Printing 1967 Edition (first picture):
Consists of a red slipcase with two light green booklets inside (problem book and answer book). The retail price of the 6th edition at the time of publishing was 400 yen.

Revised 1971 edition first printing (second picture):
The revised edition shows a date for the original book as being 1952. The revised edition is one book and includes the answers to the problems at the end of the book. The retail price of the revised edition at the time of publishing was 800 yen.

This should be the rare out of print life and death book for professionals by Segoe Kensaku that Kobayashi Koichi has worked through 20 times (as of Go World 37, Autumn 1984).

There is a Chinese translation of this work called 围棋死活辞典.

For more info, check Sensei’s Library here.

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