Shiqing-lu (20 volumes) and Explanations (2 volumes)

Title: Shiqing-lu (20 volumes)
適情録 (全20巻)
Author/Editor: Lin Yinlong 林応竜
Title: Explanations on Shiqing-lu (2 volumes)解説書 (上下)
Author/Editor: Shiqing-lu Reproduction Publication Society 適情録復刻刊行会編
[Compilation Commentators: Go Seigen, Kaizuka Shigeki, Hayashi Yukata, Uno Seiichi, Matsumaru Michio, Jia Jing] [編纂解説者: 呉清源, 貝塚茂樹, 林裕, 宇野精一, 松丸道雄, 景嘉]
Publisher: 組本社
Published: 1980
Format: 20 volumes traditional bound reproduction housed in traditional silk box and further enclosed by wooden box; 2 volume hardcover explanation volumes housed in separate outer casings.
Publisher Recommended Price: JPY141,800

This set is a reproduction of a set of very famous historical go problem books originally published in 1525.

For more info, please see:

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