Honinbo Tournaments Complete Collection (7 volumes + 2 supplementary volumes)

Title: Honinbo Tournaments Complete Collection (7 volumes + 2 supplementary volumes)
本因坊戦全集 全9冊揃(全7巻+別巻2冊)
Author/Editor: Mainichi Newspapers 毎日新聞社
Publisher: Mainichi Newspapers 毎日新聞社
Published: 1969
Format: traditionally bound with box
Publisher Recommended Price: JPY34,200
Vol 1: The Age of Establishment 
Vol 2: The Age of the East-West Clash 
Vol 3: The Age of Takagawa 
Vol 4: From Takagawa to Sakata
Vol 5: The Age of Sakata 
Vol 6: From Sakata to Rin Kaiho 
Special Volume: Retirement Games
Special Supplement: Go Seigen Special Tournament Vol 1-2

別函・別巻:呉清源特別棋戦 上/下 

Published 1969-1971, this set celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Honinbo Tournament held by the Nihon Kiin.

The set should have a nice box that goes with the first 7 books. Unfortunately my set did not have that box.

For more info on the Honinbo Tournament, please see:

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