Hoen Shinpo (2 volumes)

Title: Hoen Shinpo (2 volumes)方圓新法
Author/Editor: Murase Shuho [Honinbo Shuho] 村瀬 秀甫 [本因坊秀甫]
Publisher: Hoensha 方圓社
Published: 1882
Format: traditionally bound
Book 1
– Preface by Shigeno Yasutsugu
– Four-stone openings
– Three-stone openings
– Two-stone openings
Book 2
– Even-game openings
– Commented games
– Shuwa vs Shuho (ten games)
– Shusaku vs Shuho (ten games)
– Afterword by Miyoshi Kitoku

This book is one of the classics of the game from the Meiji Period. For more in-depth detail, look at the links below.


English translation (partial):
(The whole English translation is available on the GoGOD CD.)

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