Weiqi Problem Solving Training Series

Series: Weiqi Problem Solving Training Series
Author/Editor: 劉駱生
Publisher: Kuo Chia Publishing 國家出版社
Published: 2002-2004
Format: softcover
Publisher Recommended Price: NTD200

Title: Weiqi Introductory Problem Solving Training
ISBN 9789573607953

Title: Weiqi Beginners Problem Solving Training
ISBN 9789573607946

Title: Weiqi Intermediate Problem Solving Training
ISBN 9789573609025

Title: Weiqi Advanced Problem Solving Training
ISBN 9789573609230

These are the Taiwanese version of the several books talked about on SL. They have higher quality paper and better binding with one book per level instead of 3.

Info on Simplified Chinese versions with link to SL pages

Beginner Training for Go Problem Solving
Volume 1: 7-5009-2189-6
Volume 2: 7-5009-2190-X
Volume 3: 7-5009-2191-8

Intermediate Training for Go Problem Solving
Volume 1: 7-5009-2440-2
Volume 2: 7-5009-2441-0
Volume 3: 7-5009-2442-9

Advanced Training for Go Problem Solving
Volume 1: 7-5009-2554-9
Volume 2: 7-5009-2555-7
Volume 3: 7-5009-2556-5

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