Yi Chang-ho Endgame Techniques (3 books)

Series: Yi Chang-ho Endgame Techniques
Author/Editor: Yi Chang-ho
Publisher: 理藝出版社
Published: 2002
Format: softcover
Publisher Recommended Price: NTD279 each

Vol 1 ISBN 9789570438284
Ch 1. Endgame Foundational Knowledge
Ch 2. Endgame Value Calculations
Ch 3. The Value of Various Kinds of Endgame Situations
Ch 4. The Order of Sequence and Essentials of Endgame Play
Appendix: Appraisal of Several Endgame Problems
Ch 5. Basic Endgame Plays (24 Patterns)
Ch 6. Actual Game Situation Endgame Plays (24 Patterns)
Ch 7. Wholeboard Endgame Plays in the Early Middlegame (24 Patterns)

Vol 2 ISBN 9789570438291
Ch 1. Endgame Tesuji (Beginner Level 50 Patterns)
Ch 2. Endgame Tesuji (Intermediate Level 50 Patterns)
Ch 3. The Best Placement (36 Patterns)
Ch 4. Endgame Tesuji (Advanced Level 50 Patterns)

Vol 3 ISBN 9789570438307
Ch 1. The Best Endgame Sequences
Ch 2. Actual Game Situation Endgame Analysis

There is also a cheaper simplified Chinese version published in 1998, but that version is very difficult to find as it has been out of print for a long time.

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1 Response to Yi Chang-ho Endgame Techniques (3 books)

  1. dfan says:

    The first two volumes appear to be available in English (on the SmartGo platform only) as Lee Chang-ho’s Endgame Techniques.

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