Nihon Ki-in’s Large Encyclopedia Series

Series: Nihon Ki-in’s Large Encyclopedia Series
Author/Editor: Nihon Kiin
Publisher: Nihon Kiin
Format: Clothbound hardcover with bookcover and slipcase

Title: Great Joseki Encyclopedia (2 volumes)
定式大事典 (上, 下)
Vol 1 ISBN 4-8182-0233-9
9367 diagrams
Published: 1986
Vol 2 ISBN 4-8182-0234-7
9700 diagrams
Published: 1987
Publisher Recommended Price: JPY23000 each volume

Title: Great Fuseki Encyclopedia
ISBN 4-8182-0249-5
2154 Diagrams
Published: 1989
Publisher Recommended Price: JPY24000

Title: Great Tesuji Encyclopedia
ISBN 4-8182-0355-6
2638 diagrams
Published: 1992
Publisher Recommended Price: JPY26000

This series is one of the most comprehensive works on go every published in Japan.

The Joseki and Fuseki encyclopedias have Chinese versions from Taiwan but the Tesuji encyclopedia is only available in Japanese and is probably the hardest to find of the series.

Info from the Nihon Kiin on this set in Japanese:

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