Korean Baduk Academy Recommended Best-Selling Collection

Series: Korean Baduk Academy Recommended Best-Selling Collection
Author/Editor: Hankuk Kiwon (Korean Baduk Academy) 韓國棋院
Publisher: 中國圍棋出版社
Published: 2005
Format: softcover
Publisher Recommended Price: NTD220 each

Title: Vol 1. Attack and Defence of Sides and Corners in Actual Game Situations Drillbook
ISBN 9789868168305
Part 1. Invasions and Countermeasures After Joseki (for Handicap Games) [9 patterns]
Part 2. Invasive Attacks and Defence After Joseki (for Even Games) [11 patterns]
Part 3. The Power of Capping Plays and Countermeasures [9 patterns]
Part 4. The Variations and Attack and Defence of Corner Enclosures and Perimeters [4 patterns]
Also see Robert Jasiek’s review on the original Korean version of this book.

Title: Vol 2. Expert Hamete Solutions
ISBN 9789868168312
Part 1. 96 Patterns
Part 2. 10 Test Questions

Title: Vol 3. 3-3 Point Techniques Dictionary
ISBN 9789868168329
Part 1. 45 Basic Methods to Deal With Invasion of the 3-3 Point
Part 2. 20 Questions on How Pros Attack and Defend the 3-3 Point
Part 3. 20 Questions on 3-3 Point Life & Death Situations

Title: Vol 4. Handicap Go Strategies
ISBN 9789572948415
Part 1. 4-Stone Handicap Demonstration No. 1 [Starts a corner invasion at the 2-2 point]
Part 2. 4-Stone Handicap Demonstration No. 2 [Starts a corner invasion at the 2-2 point]
Part 3. 4-4 Point [15 patterns]
Part 4. 3-4 Point [10 patterns]
Part 5. 4-5 Point [9 patterns]
Part 6. 3-5 Point [7 patterns]

Quoting Tommie from Godiscussions.com on these books:

very, very useful!

One of the few Go books in go which have an index with diagrams, it/the deals with standard situations you might encounter, when dealing with stronger players.

If you can get hold of these books, buy them blindly!

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