21st Century New Moves New Joseki

Series: 21st Century New Moves New Joseki
Author/Editor: Yi Chang-ho
Publisher: 理藝出版社
Published: 2006
Format: Softcover
Publisher Recommended Price: NTD245 each

Vol 1 ISBN 978-986-7518-94-1
21 patterns

Vol 2 ISBN 978-986-7518-95-8
21 patterns

Vol 3 ISBN 978-986-7518-96-5
17 patterns

Below is a translation of the part of the introduction.

The value of joseki in a game is so big that most professional baduk players have a deep understanding of the majority of joseki and joseki variations one would encounter in recent actual game situations. Joseki have set patterns which once selected can lead to variations flowing thousands of ways. During this process of selection, it is very important to choose the right joseki to work well with the surrounding stones. If a new move or joseki appears in an actual game, the difference can be enormous where one side lacks the knowledge to respond appropriately; victory can thus swiftly flow to the side which played the new move. Therefore, professional baduk players pay careful attention to any new moves and variations which appear. The new moves and joseki in this book have being finalized in this form with the benefits of having undergone repeated research by many professional baduk players. To adjust to the needs of amateurs, the variations have been tidied up with the hope of helping everyone improve their baduk strength.

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