Weiqi Step by Step Strengthening Drills Handbook

Title: Weiqi Step by Step Strengthening Drills Handbook
Author/Editor: 王志鹏
Publisher: 北京体育大学出版社
Published: 2003
ISBN 9787810518802
Format: softcover
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB18
Part 1 – Remaining Honest and Poor – Calculation of Liberties and Direction of Capture 守拙篇 气的计算与吃子的方向
Part 2 – Seemingly Foolish – The Basic Shapes of Life and Death 若愚篇 死活的基本形状
Part 3 – Strength of Fighting – Methods of Capture 斗力篇 吃子的方法
Part 4 – Liveliness – Common Patterns of Life and Death 小巧篇 死活常型
Part 5 – Applying Knowledge – Making Eyes 用智篇 做眼
Part 6 – Passing Through the Secluded Area – Capture Two Return One, Seki, and Ko 通幽篇 打二还一、双活与打劫
Part 7 – Specificity – Stealing Eyes 具体篇 破眼
Part 8 – Sitting and Reflecting – Capture Race 坐照篇 对杀
Part 9 – Entranced – Ancient Game Records and Interesting Problems 入神篇 古谱与趣题
Answers 答案

519 problems total with problem difficulties denoted as follows:
1 star = introductory
2 star = beginners
3 star = intermediate
flower = difficult

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