Korean Trend Secrets Explained (2 books)

Series: Korean Trend Secrets Explained
Author/Editor: 金承俊、金昌浩
Publisher: 理藝出版社
Published: 2006
Format: softcover
Vol 1 ISBN 986-7518-87-X
Vol 2 ISBN 986-7518-88-8
Publisher Recommended Price: NTD270 each

Translation of selected information from the forward.

“When we now speak of the Korean Trend, we are not referring only to the novel moves and shapes which the Koreans were the first to use; but we also include the newest attempts by Japan and China. Afterwards, Korean baduk players conducted even deeper levels of research followed by repeated appraisals and analysis before finalizing new models of joseki. The contents of this book is developed from issues of Baduk Monthly published by the Korean Baduk Academy from the two year period of 2000 to 2001. At the same time, expansion and revision were applied to reflect the latest trends.

The main purpose of this book is to provide an organized look at the Korean Trend joseki and fuseki. Through this book, we may move beyond the 1990’s to sneak a peek at the formative processes and special characterics of Korean Baduk research and expositions which resulted in such new fuseki and joseki representative of the current era.”

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