The Complete Games of Go Seigen (4 books)

Series: The Complete Games of Go Seigen (4 volumes)
Author/Editor: Go Seigen 呉清源
Publisher: Heibonsha 平凡社
Published: 1973
Format: clothbound hardcover with slipcase
Publisher Recommended Price: JPY4000 each
Vol 1 – From 1926 to 1933 大正15年から昭和8年まで
Vol 2 – From 1934 to 1942 昭和9年から昭和17年まで
Vol 3 – From 1942 to 1955 昭和17年から昭和30年まで
Vol 4 – From 1955 to 1973 昭和30年から昭和48年まで

Considered to be the greatest go player of the 20th century, Go Seigen has greatly influenced many modern pros with his games and his thoughts.

Printed in 1973-74, this four volume set is the complete collection of Go Seigen’s games up to 1973. Each cloth-bound hardcover volume comes with it’s own slipcover. Long out of print and difficult to obtain.

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