An Outline Of Japanese Go (18 books)

Series: An Outline Of Japanese Go (18 volumes complete)
Publisher: Chikumashobo 筑摩書房
Published: 1975-1977
Format: clothbound hardcover with cardboard slip
Publisher Recommended Price: JPY2200 each

Title: Vol 1 Honinbo Sansa, Nakamura Doseki [Iwamoto Kaoru] (9+17 games)
Title: Vol 2 Honinbo Sanetsu, Yasui Sanchi, Honinbo Doetsu [Cho Chikun] (10+5+8 games)
Title: Vol 3 Honinbo Dosaku [Go Seigen] (33 games)
Title: Vol 4 Ogawa Doteki, Inoue Dosetsu Inseki (Meijin) [Ohira Shuzo] (9+14 games)
Title: Vol 5 Honinbo Dochi [Sakata Eio] (27 games)
Title: Vol 6 Honinbo Satsugen, Honinbo Retsugen, Hattori Inshuku [Kato Masao] (8+8+7 games)
Title: Vol 7 Sakaguchi Sentoku, Yasui Senchi [Otake Hideo] (6+19 games)
Title: Vol 8 Honinbo Genjo [Takemiya Masaki] (27 games)
Title: Vol 9 Yasui Chitoku [Shimamura Toshihiro] (27 games)
Title: Vol 10 Honinbo Jowa [Fujisawa Hideyuki] (23 games)
Title: Vol 11 Inoue Gen’an Inseki [Hashimoto Utaro] (22 games)
Title: Vol 12 Hayashi Genbi, Yasui Shuntetsu Sanchi, Sakaguchi Sentoku [Kajiwara Takeo ] (7+7+6 games)
Title: Vol 13 Ito Showa, Ota Yuzo [Hashimoto Shoji] (11+11 games)
Title: Vol 14 Honinbo Shuwa [Sugiuchi Masao] (22 games)
Title: Vol 15 Honinbo Shusaku [Ishida Yoshio] (27 games)
Title: Vol 16 Honinbo Shuho [Rin Kaiho] (26 games)
Title: Vol 17 Honinbo Shuei [Takagawa Kaku] (26 games)
Title: Vol 18 Honinbo Shusai [Sakakibara Shoji] (24 games)

第1巻 算砂・道碩 [岩本 薫]
第2巻 算悦・算知・道悦 [趙 治勲]
第3巻 道策 [呉 清源]
第4巻 道的・名人因碩 [大平 修三]
第5巻 道知 [坂田 栄男]
第6巻 察元・烈元・因淑 [加藤 正夫]
第7巻 親仙徳・大仙知 [大竹 英雄]
第8巻 元丈 [武宮 正樹]
第9巻 知得 [島村 俊廣]
第10巻 丈和 [藤沢 秀行]
第11巻 幻庵因碩 [橋本 宇太郎]
第12巻 元美・俊哲・仙得 [梶原 武雄]
第13巻 松和・雄蔵 [橋本 昌二]
第14巻 秀和 [杉内 雅男]
第15巻 秀策 [石田 芳夫]
第16巻 秀甫 [林 海峯]
第17巻 秀栄 [高川 格]
第18巻 秀哉 [榊原 章二]

In 1975, 18 top professionals were asked to write and comment on selected games played by the greatest classical players in the history of Japanese go. With one volume commented by each pro, this set covers 400 years of classical Japanese go history from Sansa to Shusai. The detailed explanation helps the reader to understand the ancient games with the perspective of modern go theory. A great series which has been out of print for many years.

Each volume is around 250 to 300 pages.

Normally each cloth-bound volume comes with a protective case, but unfortunately I was only able to collect a set without the cases. Still a great set to own.

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