Katsugo Shinpyo

Title: Katsugo Shinpyo (活棊新評)

This is a two volume (乾/坤) traditionally bound set of practical tesuji problems written by Kishimoto Saichiro (岸本左一郎) which was published in 1848. Katsugo Shinpyo is probably most famous today for having many of it’s problems being included by Fujisawa Shuko into his “Dictionary of Basic Tesuji” (English version in 4 volumes published by Slate and Shell).

Vol 1 (乾) – 56 problems
Vol 2 (坤) – 74 problems

Title: Tesuji and Shape – New Revised Katsugo Shinpyo (1956) 2 volumes
筋と形〈上〉―新訂活碁新評 (1956年)
筋と形〈下〉―新訂活碁新評 (1956年)

This modern version was published in 1956 and includes new explanations by Hasegawa Akira (長谷川章).

Vol 1 – problems 1 to 52
Vol 2 – problems 53 to 86

There are less problems than in the original version.

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