Grand Kuksu Kim In Complete Collection (3 books)

Title: Collected Games of Kim In (3 volumes – Sky, Earth, Man) Forever at the Top – Grand Kuksu Kim In Complete Collection
김인전집 (天地人) 永遠한 國手 金寅 全集
Publisher: Oromedia 오로미디어
Published: 2007 Jan
Format: Limited Edition of 300 numbered copies. 3 traditionally bound volumes with a traditional box
Publisher Recommended Price: KRW250,000
Vol 1 – Sky – Games 1-104 (1959-68)
Vol 2 – Earth – Games 105-208 (1969-1974)
Vol 3 – Man – Games 208-312 (1974-1987)

(Not exactly the perfect complete collection as it only has records up to 1987.)

Kim In became a professional in 1958 when he was 15. He was a student at the legendary Minoru Kitani school in 1962 and left to return home a year later. He was promoted to 9 dan in 1983, and was the third ever 9 dan in Korea. He was famous for his playing in the 60’s and 70’s. Currently he is the managing director for the Hanguk Kiwon.
Source: Wikipedia

Kim In was the top player in South Korea before the rise of Cho Hun-hyeon.

This set of his collected games is traditionally bound into three volumes (Sky, Earth, and Man). While the main text at the beginning and at the end of each volume is in Korean, the title of the set and the accompanying text to each game is mainly in traditional Chinese. The diagrams within are printed with arabic numerals.

Info on the set in Korean:

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