Sakata Eio Weiqi Collection (12 books)

Sakata Eio Weiqi Collection (12 Volumes)
坂田荣男围棋全集 (全十二冊)
Author: 坂田荣男
Publisher: 成都时代出版社
Published: 2005 Nov
Format: softcover
ISBN: 9787807051787 (sold as a complete set)
Publisher Recommended Price: RMD240

Title: Vol 1 Weiqi Attacking Techniques
1. Techniques for Pursuing and Attacking Stones 子的追击法
2. The Vital Points of Attacking 攻击的急所
3. Tactics for Harassing and Attacking 缠绕攻击战术
4. Tactics for Feigning the East When Attacking the West声东击西战术
5. Techniques for Attacking to Kill 子的攻杀法
6. Analysis of Real Game Situations 实战解说

Title: Vol 2 Weiqi Managing Isolated Weak Groups Techniques
1. Techniques for Escaping 逃棋法
2. Techniques for Settling 安定法
3. Techniques for Invasion and Reduction 打入与侵消法
4. Techniques for Living 活棋法
5. Analysis of Real Game Situations 实战解说

Title: Vol 3 Weiqi Fuseki Techniques
1. Building up from the 3-3 Point 三三的构法
2. Building up from the 3-4 Point 小目的构法
3. Building up from the 3-5 Point 目外的构法
4. Building up from the Star Point 星位的构法
5. Analysis of Real Game Situations 实战解说

Title: Vol 4 Weiqi Battle Techniques
1. Techniques for Fighting in the Opening 序盘作战法
2. Techniques for Fighting in the Middlegame 中盘作战法
3. Aji and Sniping 味道和狙击
4. Tesuji for Fighting 作战手筋
5. Analysis of Real Game Situations 实战解说

Title: Vol 5 Weiqi Sacrifice Techniques
1. Techniques for Using Stones 子的利用法
2. Techniques for Building Thickness 厚势构成法
3. Techniques for Exchanging Potential Territories 子的转换法
4. Techniques for Creating Ko Threats 劫材制造法
5. Analysis of Real Game Situations 实战解说

Title: Vol 6 Weiqi Calculation Techniques
1. Techniques for Making Calculations 计算法
2. Techniques for Endgame 收官法
3. Tesuji for Endgame 官子手筋
4. Analysis of Real Game Situations 实战解说

Title: Vol 7 Weiqi Settling Shape Techniques
1. Techniques for Settling Shape while Attacking 攻击定形法
2. Techniques for Managing Isolated Weak Groups with Sabaki 腾挪治孤定形法
3. Techniques for Attacking and Pressuring Stones 子的攻逼战法

Title: Vol 8 Weiqi Opening Techniques
1. Joseki Stratagems 定式的谋略
2. Fuseki Stratagems 布局的谋略

Title: Vol 9 Weiqi Middlegame Techniques
1. The Opening Strategy 序盘的战略
2. Key Techniques for Handling Decisive Moments 胜负关键处决定法

Title: Vol 10 Master of Decisive Moments – The Era of Raging Billows
胜败师 怒涛时代

Title: Vol 11 Master of Decisive Moments – Dominating the Go World
胜败师 称霸棋坛

Title: Vol 12 Master of Decisive Moments – The Path of Honor and Glory
胜败师 光荣轨迹

Beware of purchasing the first edition of this collection (November 2005) which has many misprints. The second impression (November 2006) has fixed them.

June 2013: Recently the publisher released a hardcover edition of the set with a publisher recommended price of RMB480. Limited to less than 300 hardcover sets.

This Chinese set were originally three sets of Japanese books by Sakata from different periods.
Vol 1-6 are from Sakata’s Go 坂田の碁 (1963).
Vol 7-9 are from Sakata’s Go Continued 続坂田の碁 (1982).
Vol 10-12 are from Master of Decisive Moments 炎の勝負師 (1991).

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