Igo Daijiten

Title: Igo Daijiten
The Igo Daijiten is the first attempt to make a comprehensive dictionary-format study on joseki patterns in the game of go. It was first compiled and edited by Suzuki Tamejiro and his pupils in 1933. This original three volume version [明解図式囲碁大辞典], shown above, had a published retail price for each volume of 4 yen 50 sen.

The number of diagrams contained within each volume are as follows:
Volumes 1 [Handicap Games Book] contains diagrams 1- 6,459
Volumes 2 [Even Games Book Part 1] contains diagrams 1 – 6,310
Volumes 3 [Even Games Book Part 2] contains diagrams 6,311 – 13,146

So just how comprehensive is this dictionary? Comparing Ishida’s joseki dictionary for the number of listed variations of the “thousand variations” Taisha joseki, we find that Ishida only gives about 260 diagrams whereas the Igo Daijiten gives about 800 diagrams.

Subsequent to the first edition of 1933, there have been several other editions culminating in the deluxe hardcover boxed revised edition of 1977.

Title: Saishin Igo Daijiten

With a published retail price of JPY48000, this is certainly the most beautiful version of the Igo Daijiten.

Number of diagrams:
Volumes 1 [Star point and 3-3 point joseki] contains 7,536 diagrams
Volumes 2 [3-4 point joseki] contains 7,337 diagrams
Volumes 3 [3-4 point (cont), 4-5 point, 3-5 point, 4-6 point, 3-6 point, and enclosure joseki] contains 7,550 diagrams

It would however appear that the later revised edition does not separate handicap joseki from non-handicap joseki in it’s classification.

For more information on the Igo Daijiten, I’d recommend reading the following:
GoGod’s New in Go #40 – “Are the joseki books wrong?” Read the third page of this article and find what is probably the best description of the Igo Daijiten.

Also check out the article and discussions at Sensei’s Library.
Igo Daijiten
Igo Daijiten Background
Igo Daijiten More Background

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