Classical Life and Death Series Complete Works (20 books)

Series: Classical Life and Death Series Complete Works
고전사활 시리즈 전집
Publisher: 현현각양지
Published: 2000 to 2001
Published Retail Price: KRW4000 per volume
Book Size: 105x173mm

Title: Xuanxuan Qijing (Books 1-4 of set of 20)
현현기경 ISBN 89-88847-18-0 (set)
Vol 1 ISBN 89-88847-19-9
Vol 2 ISBN 89-88847-20-2
Vol 3 ISBN 89-88847-21-0
Vol 4 ISBN 89-88847-22-9
Total 347 problems

This set is probably the one referred to by John F. in SL as “The best modern version, because it had 347 problems (but omitted other things), was a Korean one, but it is long out of print and the publisher has folded. (Actually they called themselves after this book!)”

Title: Gokyo Shumyo (Books 5-9 of set of 20)
기경중묘 ISBN 89-88847-23-7 (set)
Vol 1 ISBN 89-88847-24-5
Vol 2 ISBN 89-88847-25-3
Vol 3 ISBN 89-88847-26-1
Vol 4 ISBN 89-88847-27-X
Vol 5 ISBN 89-88847-28-8
Total 518 problems

Title: Guanzi Pu (Books 10-15 of set of 20)
관자보 ISBN 89-88847-29-6 (set)
Vol 1 ISBN 89-88847-30-X
Vol 2 ISBN 89-88847-31-8
Vol 3 ISBN 89-88847-32-6
Vol 4 ISBN 89-88847-33-4
Vol 5 ISBN 89-88847-34-2
Vol 6 ISBN 89-88847-35-0
Total 677 problems

Title: Shikatsu Myoki (Books 16-17 of set of 20)
사활묘기 ISBN 89-88847-36-9 (set)
Vol 1 ISBN 89-88847-37-7
Vol 2 ISBN 89-88847-38-5
Total 120 problems and 20 game records

Title: Igo Hatsuyoron (Books 18-19 of set of 20)
발양론 ISBN 89-88847-29-6 (set)
Vol 1 ISBN 89-88847-30-X
Vol 2 ISBN 89-88847-31-8
Problems 1-170
[The ISBN recorded in the back of the books seem to be the ISBN for the Guanzi Pu set. This is probably an error that the editors of the books did not catch]

Title: Genran (Japanese); Xuanlan (Chinese)
현 람
ISBN 89-88847-30-6
First part has a total of 69 problems [Xuanlan/Genran]
Second part of the book are Problems 171-201 of Igo Hatsuyoron

Genran is a famous Japanese ancient go manual by Akaboshi Intetsu. With 69 problems, this is the Korean version of the 1846 edition of Genran. According to the GoGod CD, the 1846 edition incorporates the 1833 edition of “Genran” and the 1835 edition of “50 Diagrams of Hand Talk” by the same author.

Akaboshi Intetsu is best known as the guy who played Honinbo Jowa in the “Blood Vomiting Game” and lost. Akaboshi Intetsu passed away in 1835 within a few weeks after that game.

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  3. Is once again available. I received my set today in the mail.

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